Soft Tissue Fillers

Radiesse®Juvederm®, VolumaPerlane®, Restylane®   

These are a variety of different products used to support deep folds and improve moderate to severe facial wrinkles temporarily. They can also be used for increasing the fullness of areas such as the cheek, giving a subtle but noticeable lifting of the central face. They can lessen the appearance of “smoker’s lines” while at the same time enhancing the fullness of the lips. The majority of these products use hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring substance found in your skin. They are slowly absorbed over period of 6-12 months depending upon the agent used and the location injected.

Radiesse® is comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres and a water based gel and used primarily along the cheeks to increase their fullness and to fill in heavy folds. It lasts about one year.