This procedure started just over 30 years in France but has become a mainstay of many cosmetic practices. It is used in conjunction with a variety of other operations such as abdominoplasty and even facelifts. When used alone however the candidate must have a well localized area of fat located above the muscle layer with healthy skin of good tone/elasticity. This will not correct cellulite or sagging skin and cannot realistically be considered an adequate treatment for weight. The greatest improvement is typically seen on the lateral thighs and lower lateral back-“love handles”. Those areas have the lowest chance of developing waviness or dimpling in the skin from the procedure. Good results are also seen in the lower abdomen and upper arms. Many of these areas can now can be treated non-surgically and we invite you to check out our information on Coolsculpting™.

Our surgical procedures are highly individualized therefore we do not give estimates over the phone or e-mail.