Laser & Resurfacing Treatments

Fractional CO² Resurfacing, Erbium Resurfacing and IPL Therapy
for reduction of red spots, brown spots and small vessels.

All these devices share the common element of being a light based treatment that focuses on a specific optical target. The frequency of the light spectrum they admit is specific for their clinical application. Just like wearing a black shirt on a sunny day makes that dark shirt feel much hotter than a white one, these devices will heat up their specific target using the correct energy setting. In hair removal the target is the pigmentation in the hair shaft itself which in turn superheats the follicle killing it. With vascular lesions such as small blood vessels or rosacea the red blood cell is rapidly heated inside the vessel to sear it closed. With fractional CO2 laser or erbium laser resurfacing the water molecule in the skin is instantly superheated removing the superficial skin with potentially deeper penetration and in a much more controllable manner than possible with any chemical peel.

IPL Therapy is slightly different from true lasers in that it admits not just a single frequency of light but a series of filters emit a broader spectrum for wider applications of use.