Hair Removal & Tattoo Removal

Like many of the other nonsurgical procedures offered in our practice, for example skin resurfacing and removal of spider vessels or brown spots, hair and tattoo removal uses high-energy electromagnetic waves to accomplish the treatment. (When these waves that are generated by our lasers can be seen with the naked eye they are simply called “lightwaves”). If we think of the ink in a tattoo or the pigmentation in hair as targets we need to apply the right frequency of electromagnetic energy to them for the best treatments. We currently have nine different lasers or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices in our office offering the latest advanced technology to meet the needs of our many clients.

Laser Hair Removal

With hair removal the optical target is the pigmentation (melanin) in the hair. For this reason there must be hair in the follicle so the client cannot pluck or wax for the two weeks before treatment but simply shave the hair with a razor prior to their appointment. Also because we need to have a dark hair in the follicle, patients with the darkest hair and fairest skin have the best results but even those with the darkest skin types can get an effective treatment with newest technology we have a recently acquired. Those with white or red hair are not candidates. Complications are very rare if pre-and post treatment instructions are followed.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The optical target in tattoo removal is of course the ink itself. This covers the full visible light spectrum from the darkest purple to the brightest red. Most Laser Centers only have the equipment to treat colors at the extremes of this spectrum missing the yellows, oranges, greens and blue greens in between. The green and turquoise ink being the hardest to remove. The number of treatments can vary tremendously as there is no standardization of tattoo ink and many colors are a blend of different inks or tattooing one color on top of another. Covering over an old tattoo with “flesh” colored ink or white ink commonly cannot removed by a laser technique. Also some of the homemade tattoos using melted colored plastics or ground metal shavings cannot be removed by laser (this includes many of the “road rash” tattoos which are really embedded dirt or pavement particles). Treatments are generally 6-8 weeks apart at the minimum but there is no maximum interval between treatments. Complications are very uncommon if pre-and post treatment instructions are followed.